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World's End Chapter 2 Preview Art and Chapter 1 Update

2013-10-15 22:50:26 by MezzanineStairs

We’ve posted some preview art from World’s End Chapter 2 at http://mezzaninestairs.deviantart.com

Additionally, we’ve uploaded an update to World’s End Chapter 1 containing bug fixes and tweaks based on player feedback. Thanks to everyone for playing!


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2013-10-16 10:39:53

Oh hell yes! What an excellent game World's End Chapter 1 was. Glad to see you're working on Chapter 2.

Excellent storyline and humor, and who doesn't like chucking an enemy (or even a fallen comrade) down the stairs or off a cliff onto another enemy?

I'd love to see what you do with the continuation of one of the very best Flash Turn-Based games of all time.


2013-11-02 20:12:50

I am so looking forward to it.
Fantastic game, but you allready have my opinion on it