World's End Chapter 1 Story Mode

2016-05-28 22:27:15 by MezzanineStairs

Watch your favorite World's End Chapter 1 scenes in story mode here! 4167902_146448875043_church-scene.png


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2016-05-29 17:46:26

Aaaaaaand that's why I instantly fell in love with this game the moment I saw it. The way it is written, I would gladly read a book about this, no doubt. Damn, I love Tevoran's language. Even if I don't understand half the words. When he insults Vadim: "Misbegotten spawn of a genderless gutter trollop!" 10/10

Unfortunately, part 2 was too hard for me. I couldn't get past the soldiers with guns. But I REALLY want to follow up the story of Tevoran and company. Can part 2 get a story mode too, pretty please?

MezzanineStairs responds:

Yes, story mode for Chapter 2 is coming soon!

We're glad you enjoy the game. Have you checked the walkthrough for tips on beating Chapter 2?