World's End Chapter 2 Story Mode

2016-06-11 20:32:14 by MezzanineStairs

World's End Chapter 2 story mode unleashed. Now with more corpses!


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2016-06-13 13:26:16

i recently replayed both parts and this time i found a lot more secrets.
it's cool how these games reward patience and planning as long as you have the healing abileties or items to hold out.

the only level i found truely frustrating was the one with the exploding mushrooms.
the stunning effects in combination with overpowered spiders made it a real challenge

none the less, i really love this series, the writing, humor, style and gameplay are all top notch.
can't want for part 3 to come out.

keep doing what you guys are doing.


2016-06-13 13:28:58

oh P.S.

i wish you hadn't killed Vadim, he was hylarious and usefull.

not sure if Zofia did something to him when she dragged him away in the balcony scene.
maybe some experimental stuff that will re-awaken him from the dead?

probably not, but i hated to see him die like that.


2016-07-12 20:43:37

I played the first chapter when it came out, and thought: wow, that was better than many of the games I've paid for. I'm a a big fan of turn based RPG games like the Banner Saga, the Shadowrun Returns series, and XCOM (which are among my favorites), I was very pleasantly surprised by your game. Not just the level of thought that went into the gameplay, writing, and art design- but also your wicked sense of humor.

Anyway, I played chapter one and thought "that's a great game, I wonder if the next chapter will ever come out." And then proceeded to not log into Newgrounds again. A few days ago, I thought of the World's End again, and was absolutely delighted to find out that the second chapter is out.

Unfortunately, I've lost my save file, so I'll have to play back through the first game as well. Such hardship :)

*Tips hat*


2016-07-27 00:24:13

Hello, just want to let you know that the first two chapters were great, and personally, I like the mechanical game play very much. The three-dimensional terrain in your game had been interesting and well-executed, and the subtleties arising from this mechanism such as the damage bonus from hitting someone at a lower level or upgrades that does not change the stats but changes the spatial reach of attacks are also intriguing, and is perhaps a greater part of the game than what may be apparent. I would love to see more content revolving around this feature, for example, have missions in which liquid wells up from a low level and characters must climb fast enough to survive it, while trying to push foes into it, but of course, the programming involved may be a nightmare and this is only a suggestion.

Keep up the good work!