Thank you to our Patreon supporters!

2016-11-03 21:01:47 by MezzanineStairs


Thank you to our Patreon supporters from Newgrounds, Kongregate and Armor Games so far:

9-volt0, Timekiller74, Sennianus, Bladesinger, Rhett92jimmychu0807, Ruffyl and orcaboy!



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2016-11-05 07:54:58

You should really think about adding a link to your patreon page on your Contact Info, if you need to delete a slot to fit it in, it might be best to get rid of the Kongregate link, they're total poo-poo and competitors of NG.

Glad to see Chapter 3's already in development and hopefully going well, I've got no actual way of supporting you besides playing your games and sharing them with people I think will enjoy them.


2016-12-30 01:37:36

Congrats on breaking your 2nd milestone on partreon.

MezzanineStairs responds:

Thank you!