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World's End Chapter 3 Announcement

Posted by MezzanineStairs - May 18th, 2017


Will Tevoran and Company find fortune as they plunge deeper into foreign political strife?

World's End Chapter 3 coming summer 2017! 

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A cool poster, bro.I directly feel how cool this part will be !!


It's going to be awesome I'm sure.

Although this time around might want to have more reasonable defaults (if the player doesn't continue from a saved game from the previous game).

I know in Chapter 2, it was tough as nails, and that's *if* you'd continued from a saved game from Chapter 1 in which you played nearly flawlessly and so had at least a pretty good setup going in. The defaults if you just started from scratch in Chapter 2 (without continuing a game from Chapter 1) were abysmal.

Otherwise you're going to have very few people get through this one, as they'd essentially have to get through the first game near-flawlessy (to have a shot at the second game), then get through that one near-flawlessly as well to have a good chance in the third chapter, continuing their saved game forward.

Thank you for the advice! Balancing the game's difficulty is a challenge, and we strove to give new players a decent chance while retaining an incentive to start from the beginning. For Chapter 3, we'll give new players more of the total possible points and equipment than we did in Chapter 2.

YEAH BOY! This did indeed take an internet eternity through lol. As for the difficulty of the game, don't let people discourage you. I personally find the games too easy after my third play through. And no, getting flawless victories does not make that game THAT much easier, as there are only a few key passives and attacks that you need to win the game. Namely, get Ivan tanky, get SCOLD, and let the Nun blast and heal burst everybody. What does make it worthwhile to play from the beginning is secrets - that's what makes the game easier.

Thanks for the vote of confidence and strategic advice!

Damnation and hellfire!!!
Some hideos vixen must have insurted me with a illusionous charm! No way in heavens this capter is truely bringing us closer to narcotic fullfillment?
I must make haste and finish all mortal business that I have in life before this poligamous abaration of an game makes me cut my social interactions for DAYS.

Your most obsequious manner is duly noted, and we've scant choice but to extend our reluctant gratitude!

Shame on me because I didn't finish the second one, but I'll be looking for this one! Excellent!!!

I literally just came back to New Grounds to see if you came out with another chapter. I'm so excited that Chapter 3 is coming. This is one of the best games this portal has to offer. One of my all-time favorites. I can't wait for you to upload it! Thanks for making the series and continuing it.

it is summer
I am throbbing with anticipation

Not to be rude, but is summer not kind of over? I'm waiting like a child here :D

Technically there's still a few weeks left of summer. Get it together, guys! The anticipation is killing me!

I want AND need to play this!!! Hurry the F up you wonderfull gamemakers <3

Maybe these Mezzanine Stairs guys are from Southern Hemisphere, where Summer is from December to March. :/