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Voronese Wilderness Draft

Tevoran and Company's westward journey is fraught with danger. What new perils might beset these beleaguered travelers? New artwork posted at DeviantArt.

Lord Leithar at Work

2016-01-31 21:30:16 by MezzanineStairs

It seems Tierva is awash with dangerous literature. Subversive books won't burn themselves!

Lord Leithar at Work

See the animation on DeviantArt.

“The tendrils of degeneracy crawl forth uninhibited through Tierva, coiling around the minds of the city's intellectuals. The vehicle of our present plague of vice is the subversive literature that appears ever more in our midst, fueling the depraved instincts of anarchists, libertines and perverts of all stripes! No longer, I say! Let these sophistic screeds defying the current order fuel no more young hearts, but rather join the conflagration that sets ablaze the hearts of the stalwart, the willing, the true, the heart of Tierva! Today I light a fire to not destroy, but preserve all that has made us what we are...!”

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Tierva Court Draft

2016-01-06 19:23:21 by MezzanineStairs

A certain group may have run afoul of the law one too many times. Will justice be served in World's End Chapter 3?

Tierva Court Draft

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Wild Boar Art

2015-12-19 23:42:42 by MezzanineStairs

Not all pigs walk on their hind legs in World's End Chapter 3. Here's a denizen of the Voronese wilderness.


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Music Visualizations

2015-12-07 22:21:47 by MezzanineStairs


To help fill the void between World's End chapters, we're producing music videos for your viewing pleasure.

Progress continues on Chapter 3, and we'll be posting preview artwork in the near future!

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World's End Chapter 2 Soundtrack

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Added Medals to World's End Chapter 2

2015-07-18 21:26:54 by MezzanineStairs

We've added medals to Chapter 2.

Load an existing save to earn any you would've gotten already.

World's End Chapter 2 Medals

July 23rd Update: Some save games didn't receive all missing medals, but should now work.

Play it here on Newgrounds:


World's End Chapter 1 Re-released

2015-07-09 00:17:01 by MezzanineStairs

Get a preview of new game features from World's End Chapter 2 in the just released update to Chapter 1.

Upcoming World's End Chapter 1 Re-release

2015-07-02 18:54:36 by MezzanineStairs

Some of the new features from World's End Chapter 2 will be appearing in our forthcoming re-release of Chapter 1. 

  • Retouched maps: Moving further beyond MSPaint-tier artwork one step at a time 
  • Fast movement: Units move at double the speed during battles
  • Save/load from file: Create backups or move save games between sites
  • Party menu: A quick overview of HP/SP/AP and status effects for player and enemy parties 
  • Multi-item buy: Purchase your slunk nuggets with 90% fewer mouse clicks